Blast from my past

I was talking with Jessica Domel in the newsroom.  She has a friend named Ben, and I asked her if he’s a rat.  She had no idea what I was talking about, and it apparently was a bad attempt at humor.  By the way, no offense to the real Ben, but I was making reference to an apparently obscure movie from the 1970s.  The movie, “Ben”, was about a rat who befriends a boy.  Ben also happens to the the leader of a nasty group of rats who wreak havoc on this community (I can’t believe this didn’t win an … Continue reading Blast from my past

Hello world!

It’s about time that KWED has added a blog feature to our website.  This is my first posting.  The first, of what I hope, will be many more to come.  It’s a great time to be in Guadalupe County.  We just finished up the 125th Guadalupe County Fair.  The weather was great and that really helped to boost the turnout.  At least, I think the attendance was up.  It appeared so, at least from my perspective.  Kudos to the Guadalupe County Fair Association.  This group doesn’t get the credit it deserves for all of the work that it does year … Continue reading Hello world!