So, here’s the deal…

I want to make sure everybody gets what’s happening. The Guadalupe County Courthouse — easily the most recognizable landmark in Seguin (and Guadalupe County) — could soon be vacant, closed, empty. Whatever you want to call it, I don’t see that as a good thing for Seguin — unless there is a clear plan and timetable for when renovations will be done to the courthouse. I get the challenge facing the Commissioners Court. Commissioners say they don’t have the money to do this now. I get that, but I don’t get them not putting together a clear plan of action. Having a plan that future courts could follow or tweak seems like a much better idea than kicking a very large can down the road for others to fix. Buildings don’t hold up well when they are left vacant for long periods of time. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “So, here’s the deal…

  1. Agreed, especially as downtown is now getting much more business. I served on jury duty last week & the old courthouse looks pretty bad. Delaying a plan for renovations is a bad idea & speaks to poor leadership & decision making. This is important to the image of our community.

  2. A huge change in the makeup of the court is just around the corner, and I can understand this court’s reluctance to move forward. That said, I’m also not sure why they decided to evacuate the courthouse at this time. You’re right about rapid deterioration.

    One thing is certain: The new court needs to take this matter up immediately upon being sworn in.

  3. Oh no, this reminds of our historical train depot now gone, and some other areas that I wished we would have preserved. Let us not let this happen again.

  4. Is it too simplistic for me to see an analogy here? When our highway departments need to fix, expand or renovate a road, adjustments are made and work is done in stages. This way, the roads do not have to be vacated. Are there times of inconvenience?….of course….however the outcome always outweighs re-routing changes. Is there a problem with working one step at a time by opening options as to the ultimate outcome and salvation of this wonderful building?
    I would think that at a time when Seguin Is in a wonderful state of improvement, advancement and promotion, our elected county officials would choose to do what is best for Seguin. Do not leave us with an empty landmark which will deterioate, show complete lack of forethought, and poor stewardship of citizens’ tax dollars. We have made many steps forward in making Seguin a jewel of Texas. We must not allow elected officials to make a decision which would cause a set-back towards the wonderful progress which has made downtown Seguin the lovely haven which it is.
    We do not need a hollow reminder to serve as a symbol of indifference, arrogance and lack of planning by our elected Guadalupe County officials. We CANNOT and MUST NOT allow such an edifice, to mar the beauty and quaintness of Downtown Seguin.

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